Work Less, Create More Happiness and Satisfaction – Could it be That Simple?

Those of you who read the article I linked to in my last post, and with whom the idea that too much productivity is dangerous resonated, will enjoy this next installment.  This next article kind of piggy-backs on the previous one, arguing that the most creative, the most appreciated scientists and artists of the past and the present, may be the ones who work the fewest hours.

There are many in the FIRE community who have talked about the ultimate goal in life not being wealth, rather happiness (and if those two can be combined, so much the better).  The most happiness and satisfaction should be what we strive for, what we spend our time on, not a bigger paycheck or bonus.  As a lawyer who has spent the last 25 years selling myself an hour at a time, this seems a bit counter-intuitive to me but the argument made and the examples given by this article are persuasive (at least to me).  Add to that the truth that of the thousands of time-selling lawyers out there whose paths I have crossed through the years, there are only a meager handful who would I consider happy with their lots in life (I’m fortunate to be one of those few).

So here. Work less, create more and find your bliss.

Until Next Time, FIRE On! – Oldster

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2 Responses to Work Less, Create More Happiness and Satisfaction – Could it be That Simple?

  1. I think it speaks to what we do with our hours, too. I suppose that’s why I’m so reluctant when people tell me I should consider leaving teaching. I could chase a higher income, but I really, really like how I spend my hours.

    • Oldster says:

      Sorry for the tardy response, Penny. Happiness is much more important than money. In fact, the only reason to pursue money is to increase happiness and satisfaction. If teaching gives you that in a way that other, more lucrative work does not, then you decision is a simple one (and you are very lucky).

      Thanks for the comment and for the visit.

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