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What I Read this Week of October 8

From Steve at TSR – why making mistakes in life may actually benefit you in the long-run. Breaking News: Most Seniors Have Little Retirement Savings – Ok, perhaps this is not news.  But this article highlights why we in this community are … Continue reading

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Why An Increasing Lifestyle Can Actually Reduce Your Happiness

We read a fair bit in this community about the concept of Hedonic Adaptation.  It is usually invoked in discussing whether we should allow our lifestyle to “move up” as we increase our income.  We have probably all fallen victim … Continue reading

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What I Read This Week of October 1

A lite post this week.  I’m working on something that is taking longer than usual.  Should have it up this week. A tribute to one of the things that makes baseball unique – I am a baseball fan, nerd, addict … Continue reading

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What I Read this Week of September 24

From Darrow Kirkpatrick at Can I Retire Yet? – A reminder to stop and appreciate the things you love now, and not to postpone that enjoyment until “retirement”. If you like Whisky (or think you’d like to try) – This is … Continue reading

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