About Me

Greetings Fellow FIRE Fans!

I’m a married mid-50s professional with a child preparing for college, who often stares at FI (Financial Independence) in the face and wonders “am I there?”  Unless you are a lottery winner, you really don’t know if you are FI until you stop working and put all of your financial theories to the test.  I have not yet done that, but am working myself up to it (it is as much mental preparedness as anything). There is a lot of information out there about how to retire early (the RE of FIRE), but that is not really what I’m doing.  I’m going to document my move into the fully functional FI experience on this site.  This will include all the usual financial preparation discussions, as well as health and medical issues, entitlement plan issues (like Social Security and Medicare), and a healthy amount of retrospective “what if” discussions (for those who might like to avoid the mistakes I made – and there were plenty of those).  I chose the name Oldster for, I hope, obvious reasons.  “Youngsters” would see it immediately (that was a hint).  This site will be about my views on FIRE and the issues and resolutions I’ve experienced during my travels down the road toward Financial Independence.