Do Less and Obsess More?

As the third leg of the stool I appear to be building about doing less and being happier, I submit this article from the Financial Times.  The article is really a review of Morten Hansen’s new book Great At Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better and Achieve More.  There is a better review in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (January 13, 2018), but it requires a subscription to read.  If you have one, I recommend it. Continue reading

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Work Less, Create More Happiness and Satisfaction – Could it be That Simple?

Those of you who read the article I linked to in my last post, and with whom the idea that too much productivity is dangerous resonated, will enjoy this next installment.  This next article kind of piggy-backs on the previous one, arguing that the most creative, the most appreciated scientists and artists of the past and the present, may be the ones who work the fewest hours. Continue reading

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Wishing You the Happiest of New Years – Here is a Gift to Help Start Your New Year Right

As we move inexorably toward 2018, here is an interesting (and snarky) look at how hard we should really be working to have the happiest life we can have (and to avoid some major mishaps).  Enjoy!

Productivity is Dangerous!

The Oldsters are, as well, inexorably moving toward getting into our new house (it takes time at our age ;-).  More on that, and more from me in general, in the New Year.

Until Next Time, FIRE On! – Oldster

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The Best Gift You Can Give This Holiday Season?

No this is not going to be some sappy post about world peace or loving the planet.  This is as practical as it gets (and a bit controversial, if my wife’s reaction is any guide).  As I sit here today typing away, there are 25 shopping days until Christmas.  You cannot turn the news on without seeing or hearing a story about how this shopping season is going.  Retailers often do 50% or more of their business between Halloween and New Year’s Day.  But when we buy a gift, for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Birthday, Anniversary or some other special event, what are we really giving to the recipient?  Continue reading

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What I Read This Week

From RBD – A good overview of where to start investing if you are new to the discussion (and a good review if you are not new).

From Darrow Kirkpatrick at Can I Retire Yet? – His 10 Steps to Investing Success.  An excellent short piece along the lines of JL Collins Stock Series.

8 Great Exercises You Can Do for Free – I’m going to be focusing more on health issues in the coming years (being an Oldster and all).  Health is, after all, money.

Vegans in the NBA?  – As a confirmed omnivore, I found this fascinating.  To quote Randall:  “Hear that?  It’s the winds of change.” (Monster’s Inc. reference).

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