Why An Oldster Talks FIRE

FIRE = Financial Independence and Retire Early.  It is a pretty straightforward concept:  As soon as you can afford to stop working for pay, you are financially independent and can be, at least ostensibly, retired.  If you are like me, you’ve spent a good bit of time on the internet looking at its offerings on the subjects of personal finance, budgeting, investing, and retirement in an effort to figure out the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be.  There are many great blogs and websites out there in the vastness of cyberspace which deal in-depth with the subject of Financial Independence.  I started with Mr. Money Mustache and he led me down the road to many other blogs and websites discussing FIRE.  Why then the need for another?

Good question.  If you research the topic, you’ll find that the great majority of these sites are written by and for those who are young and seeking early retirement.  A worthy goal indeed.  But one I cannot achieve because I’m not young, and even if I retired tomorrow, it would only barely be considered “early”.  While a great number of the discussions out there apply equally to 30 year olds and 65 year olds, there are certain issues that pertain differently to the “more life experienced” among us than to those who are still lucky enough to be early on the path to FIRE (and you are lucky – I wish I had stumbled on this notion in my 20s).

As for me, I’m in my mid 50s and while I missed the boat on the “RE” portion of FIRE, I still strive for FI and think it is the only reasonable  aim for those who desire the freedom of purpose that only financial independence can bring.  This blog will speak to the issues confronting people like me, who may have some retirement assets stashed away, who may see the bright beacon of retirement occasionally flashing in the distance, and who are looking for ways to speed up the process.  A lot of what I will write will, hopefully, be beneficial to those who have less gray hair than I do.  It is wisdom indeed to be able to learn from the successes and failures of others.  If I can help you miss a few of the pot holes I’ve hit, then my time will have been well spent.  I want this to be a journey of discovery of the whats, hows, whens and whys of financial independence and retirement.  As much for my benefit as for the benefit of others.

I plan to address the issues that I see in my future, but think (and hope) that they will be broadly applicable to anyone who is looking ahead to financial independence.  I welcome you to come along for the ride.

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Until Next Time, FIRE On! -Oldster