The Modern Bond Ladder – What I’m Doing With 5 Years of Cash

I was telling my wife that I was going to write about bond laddering and she got this puzzled look on her face and said, “Ooh, that sounds sexy” using the snarky voice she reserves for things that sound the most boring.  While I can’t fault her judgment on the sexiness of investing in bonds, I also know how much she enjoys having enough money to live our lives the way we choose, and not in some way imposed by the vagaries of chance.  That only happens by planning and proper execution.  And so . . . Continue reading

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What I Read This Week

From Mrs. Frugalwoods – A look at how she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, and how it might help us do the same thing.

The Robots Are Coming! – Ok, hyperbole, but this article does discuss a possible, perhaps even probable future.

From the Frugal Professor – a peek behind the curtain on the new tax reform bill.

Also From the Frugal Professor – The view on frugality from the spousal perspective.  This is important because FI cannot succeed unless your significant other buys in.

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Warren Buffet Wins Bet – Was There Any Doubt?

This came out a month or so ago, but I missed it.  Index Funds Win!  This idea plays perfectly into two issues I’ve talked about before:

  1.  Direct Investing vs. Robots, and
  2. How I’m Better than Hedge Funds, but not as good as the Index.

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately.  We closed on our “new” house last week and I’ve been a bit consumed with that project.  I may be a bit slower on the posts through the holidays, but I will be back with a vengeance once the move is over.  For my thoughts on buying a home at this point, read this.

Until Next Time, FIRE On! – Oldster

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What I read this week

Two interesting discussions on frugality:  One from Penny at She Picks Up Pennies and one from  Kalie at Pretend to be Poor.  Slightly different takes on an interesting topic.

My July 4th post on my view of Frugality – Interesting, I think, in contrast to the above posts on the same topic.

From Mrs. Frugalwoods – a very interesting and detailed treatment on the frugal considerations of pet ownership.  A “must read” for those who are animal lovers.

What Kind of Cars to FI Bloggers Drive? – A little peek behind the curtain.  It is interesting the variety in make, model and year that some of our favorite purveyors of FI thought drive.

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Reprise – Where You Live Matters A Lot for Your FI


This is a reprise of something I posted over the summer.  I heard something on the WSJ podcast on the same topic last week and thought that I’d revisit the issue.

What you’ll need for a comfortable retirement is, of course, dependent on what your expenses in retirement are and what assets you have available to meet those expenses.  Volumes have been written on that subject alone (I have, and will continue to contribute my thoughts on the subject – see Five Years of Cash for example).  One of the lesser discussed aspects of Early Retirement planning is the “where” of things.  Where you decide to set down retirement roots can have a huge impact on what you’ll need to live comfortably. Continue reading

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