What I Read this Week of October 8

From Steve at TSR – why making mistakes in life may actually benefit you in the long-run.

Breaking News: Most Seniors Have Little Retirement Savings – Ok, perhaps this is not news.  But this article highlights why we in this community are trying to get ahead of the curve.  For many of the first generation of retirement “savers” in 401(k)s, things have not gone well.

From Maggie at Northern Expenditure – This fascinates me as a potential side hustle.  I’ve got no artistic skills, but Ms. Oldster is quite talented. Maggie’s follow up is here.

From Rockstar Finance – This is something you may have already read, but the idea that someone researched the history of the FIRE movement fascinates me.

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  1. J. Money says:

    Glad you liked the article on FIRE! Thx for passing it along 🙂

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