Inexpensive College Education – Are You Kidding Me?

One of the things I enjoy most about the FIRE community is the outside the box thinking.  It takes original thinkers to turn the work/life/retirement balance on its head and put themselves in a position to live the lives they choose while the rest of the world is running on the usual treadmill that life presents us.  One part of the equation that has appeared to me to be difficult to solve has been the educational part.  Pretty much everyone who is on this path is a college graduate (as am I – 3 degrees, to be exact).  And as everyone knows, college is expensive.  We read that almost every day in the main stream press.  But does it have to be?  As the father of a teen, and the uncle to 12 nieces and nephews, this question calls to me.

The Millionaire Educator has a plan to earn a bachelor’s degree for less than $7500.  (In 12 months, no less).  Granted, this may not be the path for everyone, but between the ideas put forth by Ed (The Millionaire Educator) and these ideas from Justin at Root of Good (links to both sites – and others – can be found here) , just about everyone should be able to put together a plan to get a kid through college at less than full price.

A nod to Jeremy and Winnie at Go Curry Cracker for the post about why they don’t have a 529 account for their son.  This is what started my trip down this rabbit hole.

Until Next Time, FIRE On! – Oldster

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