Reprise – Where You Live Matters A Lot for Your FI


This is a reprise of something I posted over the summer.  I heard something on the WSJ podcast on the same topic last week and thought that I’d revisit the issue.

What you’ll need for a comfortable retirement is, of course, dependent on what your expenses in retirement are and what assets you have available to meet those expenses.  Volumes have been written on that subject alone (I have, and will continue to contribute my thoughts on the subject – see Five Years of Cash for example).  One of the lesser discussed aspects of Early Retirement planning is the “where” of things.  Where you decide to set down retirement roots can have a huge impact on what you’ll need to live comfortably. Continue reading

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What I Read this Week

From Chris Mamula writing for Can I Retire Yet? – a good discussion of health care and early retirement.  This is, perhaps, the most important issue among those striving for the RE part of FIRE.  You can find more from Chris at his site Eat The Financial Elephant.

From Penny at She Picks Up Pennies – Emergency Preparation discussed in light of her experience, and also a list of several blog posts on the subject.  I promise there is something here that you are not doing.

Is this the beginning of the Urban Future? – One of Google’s sister companies is going to build a city (well rebuild part of Toronto).  I’m getting a “Jetsons” vibe.

From Early Retirement Now (ERN) – a complex but very interesting and instructive case study outlining safe withdrawal rates and the relationship to CAPE.

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What I Read this Week of October 8

From Steve at TSR – why making mistakes in life may actually benefit you in the long-run.

Breaking News: Most Seniors Have Little Retirement Savings – Ok, perhaps this is not news.  But this article highlights why we in this community are trying to get ahead of the curve.  For many of the first generation of retirement “savers” in 401(k)s, things have not gone well.

From Maggie at Northern Expenditure – This fascinates me as a potential side hustle.  I’ve got no artistic skills, but Ms. Oldster is quite talented. Maggie’s follow up is here.

From Rockstar Finance – This is something you may have already read, but the idea that someone researched the history of the FIRE movement fascinates me.

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Why An Increasing Lifestyle Can Actually Reduce Your Happiness

We read a fair bit in this community about the concept of Hedonic Adaptation.  It is usually invoked in discussing whether we should allow our lifestyle to “move up” as we increase our income.  We have probably all fallen victim to this, and if you have not, you know someone who has.  They get hired making $50k/year and perhaps struggle a bit to pay their way through life.  They usually find a balance if they try hard enough and come to a place where they can live comfortably on their pay.  Continue reading

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What I Read This Week of October 1

A lite post this week.  I’m working on something that is taking longer than usual.  Should have it up this week.

A tribute to one of the things that makes baseball unique – I am a baseball fan, nerd, addict (pick one).  This discussion of the “error” in baseball is superb.

From the Frugal Professor – a tutorial on how to get adequate (perhaps even good) cell phone service for next to nothing.  I’m not sure I have the patience for this hack, but it is interesting.

From MMM – a discussion of his first year as a Nissan Leaf owner (electric car).


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